Luxy Boyz  Bio.

2006 ~ NOW 亞洲前衛表演領導團體


Luxy Boyz 是結合新穎舞蹈及前衛科技的藝術表演團隊。

   起初只是三個街舞男孩在夜店舞台上跳街舞;由於夜店這個特殊的環境與街舞文化上的差異,使得他們不再跟一般表演或是街舞團體走相同的道路。經過一段時間的研 發,終於做出了第一套『LED MAN』表演。「光」這個元素因此成為了 Luxy Boyz 的特色及標誌。在逐漸走出自己的路之後,大男孩們也陸續將舞蹈和各種領域的表演結合。

Luxy Boyz 以深厚的街舞底子與驚奇不斷的創意特效起家,而隨著時間的演進,特效已經超越了娛樂的範疇,往挑弄觀眾情緒的藝術之路挺進。這些原本只懂得街舞的男孩,因 為自己的摸索,打造初一條屬於自己的道路。永遠不滿於現狀的精神讓他們拒絕被歸類為「商業表演團體」,而立志成為一個雅俗共賞的「藝術表演團隊」。


Feast your eyes on this electrifying visual art and dance performance!


Equipped with their love of hip-hop dance, the Luxy Boyz crew was established in 2007 in Taiwan. Don't be fooled, the Luxy Boyz is no ordinary hip-hop dance group.

Taking hip-hop dance to another level, Luxy Boyz's performances challenges the conventional idea of hip-hop dance - the crew uses spectacular technology in lights and out-of-the-world costumes, introducing their audiences to an art form that is truly unique to Luxy Boyz.

Constantly experimenting and breaking the boundaries of their art, the Luxy Boyz are not afraid of exploring new ideas to up the level of hip-hop dance. In 2009, the world's first LED show, entitled "Blacklux", was borned. As the Luxy Boyz steadily gained recognition for their art, their performances became increasingly otherworldly with "White Iron Man D-VA" - Asia's one and only giant human-robot show - which invited much attention from the media. The crew eventually shot to fame in 2012 when they participated in "China's Got Talent", allowing them to gain more exposure and experiences working with many first-tier suppliers and co-stars.

Despite achieving much fame, the Luxy Boyz are still continuing their efforts in experimenting and hopes to become a world-class act in the near future.



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